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advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education. >>> two planes slam into each other in midair and incredibly everyone survives. both planes were loaded with sky divers when they crashed in wisconsin saturday morning. luckily the passengers were preparing to jump at the time and they were able to parachute to safety. one pilot was hospitalized with only minor injuries. nine others walked away virtually unscathed from this accident. the faa is investigating. >> it's amazing, huh? good thing you're wearing a parachute. >>> microsoft giving a helping hand to those who risk their lives to keep us safe. the software giant starting a computer school for veterans that guarantees a high-tech job when they graduate. great story. live in seattle on this. dan? >> yeah, how good is that? the key is this is being given to the soldiers while they're on active duty and will be completed before they leave the military. they will not have to be unemployed and working on getting new job skills when they get out. this pilot project with 23 students. but microsoft plans on expanding it to bases in
a good education, living diligently and living by faith to make his dream come true. author of the book "maximizing misfortune" has emerged as a business leader. he made significant breakthroughs in the food and service industry. becoming a leader at kentucky fried chicken in detroit, then moving on to becoming the nation's first black owner of a denny's restaurant. from there, jerome and his wife launched edn, the edmondson global network, which teaches people how to successfully develop their dreams. >> when we started teaching entrepreneurship, it was a great economy. now everybody's excited about entreprene entrepreneurship that we started twentysome years ago. we are inundated every day by someone at some capacity calling us, wanting help in their exist businesses, wanting to start their business. >> jerome spends a great deal of time helping people realize their dreams. he has a special focus on helping people living in urban areas impacted by the vicious cycle of violence. he recalls how violence hit his family while living in detroit. his own son was among several teens that was
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2